Last modified: 2021/12/29

Ken's Museums

Welcome to a tour in English.

Mt.Fuji from Shinkansen train on Dec.12,2002
Welcome to Ken's Museums, now consisting of five museums of Arts, Vermeer, Films, Travels, and Music, with some archives. Sorry mostly in Japanese.

Museum of Arts
Impressions and Information of arts museums & exhibitions Ken visited, who loves paintings by Vermeer and Monet.

Art in Italy & Spain('03/06); Netherlands, Belgium & Paris('02/10); Russia('04/07); Italy('04/11); Rome('05/02); Wien('05/11); Boston&NY('06/10); Switzerland('07/10); Turkey&Greece('08/10); Germany&Prague('10/10); Cezanne&Aix; London('14/02)

Archives: Domestic(-'98), Domestic('99), Domestic('00), Domestic('01), Domestic('02), Abroad
The names of museums in Archive (Abroad) are in English.

Museum of Vermeer
Information of arts by Vermeer.

All Vermeer's, Archives#1, Archives#2, Archives#3

Museum of Films
Memos of films Ken watched in theaters, on TV or by videos. Rated with number of stars (fullmark with 5). Some titles are in English.

Archives: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
Museum of Travels
Diaries of travels Ken made, sometimes alone and sometimes with his family.

Trip to Spain('99/5); Russia('04/07); Ireland('07/4); Switzerland('07/10); South America('08/4); Turkey&Greece('08/10); Vietnam('08/10);Germany&Prague('10/10); South France('11/6); North France('12/11); NY('13/2); United Kingdom('13/6); Nordic('13/8)

Archives: Domestic(East), Domestic(West), Kansai, USA, Europe, Spain, Asia

Museum of Music
Notes about the music Ken loves. Ken's most favorite musicians are Enya and Takako Okamura, a Japanese female singer/song writer. Ken is a member of some male choir in Osaka.

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